Fenix Srl was born in 2011, combining the experience acquired over the years by technicians from companies who where already operating in the sector of construction of grinding machines (including the historical FAVRETTO SPA-IMT).

FENIX SRL is able to partially or totally overhaul the grinders produced by the historical FAVRETTO SPA-IMT until 2015.

Thanks to our skills, we are able to solve any type of problem on this tangential surface grinders. Our company has in fact specialized technicians, electronics, software engineers, electricians and mechanics.

We also have a well-stocked spare parts and accessories warehouse, in order to help our customers as fast as possible.

Since 2017, FENIX SRL has been producing Tangential Surface Grinders by its own design, with alternating movement and rotary table.

Our skills are diversified in all areas concerning surface grinders: from marketing, to design and production, up to use and maintenance courses as well as after-sales assistance.

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