We are available for the collection of second-hand grinding machines Favretto SPA-IMT.

We evaluate the collection of tangential grinding machines of other brands.

The new FENIX Tangential Grinding Machines are realized thanks to the great technical experience of the professionals that make up our company.

Starting from the consolidated reliability of traditional machines, we have improved the individual technological components reaching high performance, all combined with reduced consumption and product reliability.

Just some of the advantages of our new tangential grinding machines.

  • Linear slideway

    Precise and reliable, ensuring greater rigidity, sensitivity and sliding speed, with reduced processing times.
  • Crossrail group

    Improves the vertical movement of the crossbar, assisting it when moving. It props the crossbar up in case of accidental fall, ensuring reliability and safety in the workplace.
  • Automatic dynamic wheel balancer inside the spindle

    (And not outside on the lockring of the spindle) Less time needed to change the grinding wheel, without dissembling the grinding wheel balancer every time the wheel needs to be replaces.
  • Safety Integrated System

    Allows the operator to work safety and reduces the processing times, ensuring compliance with current safety regulations.
  • Hand-scraping of slideway of the bedframe and worktable

    For a precise coupling as well as a long-term duration.
  • Siemens CNC with software developed integrally by Fenix

    • Easy man/machine interface with simple and intuitive programming masks;
    • Possibility to customize the work cycles according to customer needs thanks to the internal IT department of Fenix;
    • Direct software assistance on the machine (teleservice).
  • Ecological hydraulic unit

    Ecological hydraulic for the worktable movement capable of ensuring:
    • Lower consumption of hydraulic oil, electric power and less noise pollution in the workplace, thanks to the automatic lowering of the speed of the pump motor with stationary table;
    • Reduced workspace, thanks to the small size of the new control unit.

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