Revisione Moduli Elettrici

CNC Retrofit

Based on the needs from some Customer to replace the existing control on their grinding machines Favretto SPA-IMT Modulo, Fenix has implemented a suitable package on hardware Siemens Solution Line.
This is a real CNC produced by Siemens using a technology coming from the powerful SINUMERIK 828Dsl which can be used either in the Analogic Version (thanks to the module Sinumerik AD14) making possible to control drivers and motors already existing or in the Digital Version by complete replacement of drivers and motor axes.

The flexibility of this package will allow, in case of initial choice of analogic version, a successive transformation into a complete digital version by using the components already provided previously provided components for the analogic version.


The package above, for both versions analogic and digital, can be used on Favretto SPA-IMT machines equipped either with an electronic V2 or Siemens (Sinumerik 810G or 805) and it offers also the possibility, if necessary and on demand, the replacement of the measuring systems.
There are also included personalized grinding cycles which on demand can be enhanced on demand with dressing cycles from the table for wheel profiling.

On demand from the Customer it is possible to implement specific working cycles in order to optimize the mechanical performances of the machine and satisfy needs of the Customer due to his own production.

The application is implemented at site of the Customer by using few days of machine stopping.
Several application have been implemented at site of the Customer in Italy and abroad.